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MySQL to MSSQL Database Converter Screenshots

Establish connection
Enter all the required fields to setup connection between MySQL and MSSQL server.
Choose Table attributes
Choose Table attributes that you want to convert and click 'Next' button.
Select convert tables definitions, if you want to convert only table structure.
If you do not want to convert indexes, then choose select "skip converting indexes".
Select converting views, if you want to convert views.
Select MySQL Database and Tabels to convert
Select required MySQL Database from left panel and MySQL Table(s) list from right panel to convert into MS SQL database.
Select views
Select views from list. After selecting views from list , Click Confirm button to begin conversion process.
Conversion Process is going on
During conversion process, you can abort ongoing conversion using "stop" button. If you want to skip any particular table , you can use "Skip" button.
Conversion Process Finished
MySQL to MS SQL database conversion has been completed successfully.